Attracting Deer To Your Property: Top Tips!

When you want to attract deer to your property ahead of the summer hunting season, it’s wise to pay some attention to landscaping. The idea is to have enough and variety of food on the property. The thing about bucks and deer is these animals like to feed on native food options, so if you are spending on landscaping, you need to choose the right trees and plants. Websites like have a wide range of ideas and options, but in this post, we are sharing a few details that are worth knowing.

The fruit trees

There are certain fruits that deer varieties love, and one of them is crabapple. Right at the start of the season, crabapple can be insanely useful for attracting bucks. Deer also love persimmon, which is again not found in a lot of regions, but can be a wonderful addition to your yard or farmland. For some regions, pear is a great choice, and so are apples. You don’t need to work as hard in growing pears and apples, so if you are not sure of what fruit plants to choose, these are rather safe options. If you live in an area that has considerably warm climate, you can consider plum too. Variety is the key here, but in case you have a few doubts, don’t shy away from hiring a landscaping expert, or a local wildlife consultant.

Other things to take note

Water is often one of the ignored things. Keep in mind that deer will need water after all that feeding, and many may come in the summer months only for that alone. You can create a simple pond, or else, just work with your landscaping team to find a water feature that’s ideal for this need. What also needs attention are transition corridors, and you may want to get staging areas, which can be achieved using shrubs and plants that are not very expensive. As for the winter months, you may want to have a few areas that would keep the deer warm during the harsh winters. Trees that you can consider for that include cedar, pine, and spruce.

One of the trees that you may want to check are honey locusts, which produce bean pods that most deer types love. As we mentioned, do your homework and take professional help where required to get the kind of vegetation that will make hunting a pleasant experience.