Effective Tips On Preparing Your Property For A New Tenant

So you have a new tenant moving in soon? Well, your property should be completely prepared for the move in to lock that first great impression. As a landlord, you shouldn’t leave any stone unturned to make your tenants feel at ease while inside the property. According to the experts at the Keyrenter St Charles Property management in the St. Louis Missouri area, they shouldn’t find the property in a tattered state with numerous repairs and cleaning work to be done. It’s your responsibility to take care of all that before they move in.

Let’s give you some easy tips to get the rental ready before the arrival of the new tenant. 

Change the locks on all doors

If the property has been rented before, you should change all the locks before the new tenant arrives. Otherwise, it may jeopardize the privacy of your tenants, as the previous renters may still possess the duplicate keys to those locks. You never know, right? So why take such a risk? Change the locks to ensure 100% security.

Clean the space 

It’s best to hire professional cleaning services to clean the entire area of dust, debris, allergens, and pollutants. This will reduce the chances of respiratory issues, besides enhancing the aesthetics of the area. Further, you should go the extra mile to clean the lawn area and get rid of weeds and unnecessary plant growth to prevent rodents and other animals from venturing into the property.

Checking all plumbing fixtures

If a property is left vacant for a long time, the plumbing fixtures, pipes, and waterlines may get contaminated or damaged by root growth or other reasons. You should run a thorough check of the vulnerable areas and fix the issues if any.

Check the utility connections

Water, electricity, telephone, cable and other utility connections should also be checked for performance. Loose wires and damaged waterlines may pose great difficulties for the tenants, as they move in. You should do your part to get them fixed as soon as possible.

Evaluate the condition of the security systems

Starting from smoke detectors, fire alarms to security cameras, porch lighting and burglar alarms, you should check if everything is working properly before the move-in. One of the key concerns for every tenant is the condition of these security systems, and their happiness will know no bounds once they find everything working perfectly.

Even if you can’t be there to walk through the property on your own, you can create a checklist for your property managers to handle the aforementioned responsibilities effectively. Find a reliable agency to manage your property and prepare it for your tenants in your absence.