Material handling machines

Material handling involves movement within the building or the construction site. Some of the companies that need material handling prefer renting them while others buy their own. At we rent, sell, and purchase new and used material handling of your choice. We have different types of material handling machines which you can hire or buy from the adrighem group. They include Forklift and Telescopic handler.


A forklift is a small type of vehicle which operates mostly in industries, warehouses, and large storage facilities. They are powered by electric batteries and others use combustion engines. Some forklifts allow users to operate while sitting and others are operated while standing. The industries, warehouses, and storage devices use the forklift for transportation materials and goods within the organizations. For that matter, Adrighem group has been experienced in selling and renting forklifts for the companies which need them for many years. They also purchase the used forklifts from the companies which they think are not useful for them. We have different types of forklifts such as Warehouse forklifts, side loaders, counterbalance forklifts, telehandlers, industrial forklifts, rough terrain forklifts, and pallet jack.

Warehouse forklift

This is most known as the type of lift truck. It is mostly used in warehouses for loading and unloading materials as well as removing and transporting cargo from delivery vehicles. warehouse forklift is subcategorized into two; Side loader and counterbalance. Side loaders are found in industries that manufacture heavy and bulky items. As the name suggests, the operator of the side loader operates while standing sideways on its side. Counterbalance forklift is the popular lift that has its fork in front and weight at the back for it to balance when it is been operated. The operator of the counterbalance operates while sitting. It has no extended arm, enabling it to move directly to the load.

Telehandler forklift

Telehandler is also known as a telescopic forklift. It has an extendable arm which makes the combination of crane and forklift. It can move pallets from the ground up to the required place. The standard telehandler forklift it can lift to more than 5000 lbs of materials from up to not less than 19 ft in the air.

Most of the companies should have the material handling because of the following reasons.

Reduces cost and increases productivity.

When the company is using material handling, it will expect less manual work which cannot be handled by the material handler. Through that, the cost of hiring more employees to work a certain job reduces while productivity increases.

It reduces waste.

Since material handling is designed for specifics handling of materials, the company will experience less or no damages to materials on the construction site. It ensures proper control over the stock in and stock out in handling in the company.

Improves working conditions.

This is achieved by providing safe working conditions for the workers since they don’t handle the materials manually. It improves employee productivity which is the main goal for many companies.