Moving To A New Property: Consider Relocating Your Trees

Shifting from one property to another may seem like a big financial transaction, but there are certain things that cannot be just valued in terms of money. If you have trees and shrubs on your current property, you don’t have to abandon the same. It is possible to safely remove, relocate and transplant trees to your new property. Companies like Environmental Design Inc. specialize in such tree relocation services, and you can expect them to take care of the entire process.

How are large trees removed?

There are many steps in the process, and some companies may recommend removing and relocating trees during the fall season, or in early spring. Depending on the size of the tree, additional measures may be required. For instance, root pruning is done first, after which specialized hydraulic equipment will be used to remove the tree. Some companies also handle the need to protect and relocate the tree, until your current property is ready for work. In some cases, you can even order specific trees for your landscaping needs, and these services will grow or source the trees and transplant them to your location.

Things to consider

Removing large trees requires equipment, manpower and expertise, and it is best to select a tree moving service that you can rely on. Make sure that the company has experience, and they should be able to offer references on request. Check their clientele, their list of complicated projects, and call up a few people to know about their experience. All tree movers must be licensed, insured, and should have an in-house team of experts for completing the process. Of course, you also need to get an estimate in advance, which depends on factors like types and number of trees being relocated, species and size. You can expect to get a fair and transparent quote, ahead of the job.

Why spend on tree relocation?

It can take months for a sapling to grow, and years to become a mature tree, and it doesn’t make sense to simple cut down a tree, when it can be saved. We are living in a world that’s dealing with real issues like deforestation, and if you can protect trees, you should consider the same. For many property owners, the biggest reason to select tree relocation services is to save trees and use the same varieties for landscaping needs.

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