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Tips To Guide You When Selling Your Home

Leave the property unoccupied, use social media and a valued policy, invest in the property’s appearance, work with the right brokers, etc. are things you need to know before buying a home. Here are tips to help sell a property.

Leave The Property Unoccupied

It is not always possible, but, when possible, vacate the house or apartment for sale. Visiting a property to buy and going into the master’s bedroom or bathroom is not the kind of thing that everyone enjoys. Not to mention that with the furniture, many possible problems may not be observed, such as cracks, leaks, paint quality, among others. The ideal is to show the property as it is and thus avoid headaches later.

The only exception will be if the interest is to sell the house already furnished, as is a current trend. Also, it can be considered a positive factor to show the good arrangement of furniture in the environment. But apart from that case, ideally, it should be empty.

Place A Sales Sign In Front Of The Property.

Having defined all the criteria, it’s time to put it up for sale. I’ve tested various ad strategies like newspapers, brokers and real estate, websites, social networks, etc., but nothing has worked so well when a board sells itself in front of the property. The last property I sold was a piece of land, and it was on a bustling street, so the result was perfect in terms of visibility and contact. Low-movement locations may not have the same effect, but it’s still worth it.

This is a cheap advertisement, and it can work very well, especially if it is a good property and in a good region.

Use Social Media

Even though it’s not the best way, I believe that using social networks, especially Facebook, to advertise a property for sale can be a good strategy. There are your friends and their friends, and depending on the engagement made, many people can find out there.

My recommendation is that you create a Facebook page, for example, for the property and make several posts with photos and videos about the property, showing its strengths and characteristics. Then use the boost option and define your target audience well. This way, the chances of getting a good result will be greater.

Brokers and property owners have widely used the website to advertise properties for sale as it might be an excellent alternative to advertise your property.

Avoid Too Many Brokers

Realtors help negotiate between parties, but their excess can bring some discomfort. In the previous example, I gave of the land I sold, as the property was in a place with a lot of exposure, many buyers and many realtors caught the attention. The problem is that they do not always have the same commitment as you to sell the property; in many cases, it is one more in their catalog. This is not a rule, but that’s what I noticed in some cases.

The ideal is to talk to one or two brokers who will give the proper attention to the sale of your property and who will work on it. Otherwise, it’s not worth it.

Choose The Buyer

Choosing the buyer may seem strange, not least because what we want is to find a buyer but avoid selling to anyone. Make a good contract and if you feel that the buyer is not what he claims to be, beware! If the property is sold financed by, for example, it is more relaxed, as quadwalls will take care of qualifying it, but in direct sales, be careful.

Not every sale sometimes pays off. When the buyer starts to make many defects and makes many demands, it is sometimes better to let it go because if there is work before buying, it can happen later. Stay tuned for this tip!

Be Careful With The Documentation

Finally, do the documentation correctly; when writing the deed, check what was done and read it before signing.

Register the deed (although this is the purchaser’s responsibility) and do not leave any pending documents. It’s suitable for those who sell and for those who buy.

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